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Transmission's Purpose

The purpose of the transmission is to transfer the power generated by the engine to the drive axle and wheels by using different gears. A car’s engine rotates within a fixed range of speeds, generally from 600 to 7,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) for most passenger vehicles.  The vehicle’s wheels typically spin from 0 to 1,800 rpm, so the transmission uses different gears with specific ratios to match the most efficient use of engine power for the vehicle’s speed.

Automatic Transmission Service

Transmission gears deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels, shifting automatically to provide the best power and efficiency for your driving speed. A special transmission fluid cools and lubricates the gears. Over time, this fluid degrades, and its lubricant qualities diminish. Changing the fluid at the correct intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage to the transmission.

Automatic Transmission Repair & Rebuild

Transmission repair and Rebuild is a term that is often used without the proper qualification of what it means.
A car transmission is tied to several other pieces of the car such as the engine and the differential. And, in standard transmissions, it is also connected to the gearbox and the clutch. It varies depending on the type of transmission and the car. There are even hybrid products now such as the Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT where the transmission can change through an infinite number of gear ratios without stepping on a clutch pedal. Many of the Symptoms that you believe are transmission related might not be at all. Today’s cars have a host of electronic solenoids, switches, and valves all connected to a main onboard computer that, if malfunctioning, can simulate a transmission problem.

What We Do...

  • Removing the transmission pan

  • Removing the old transmission filter and replacing it with a new transmission filter

  • Removing the old gasket material

  • Replacing the pan gasket with a new gasket and reinstalling the pan

  • Refilling the transmission with new automatic transmission fluid to the proper level

What We Won't Do...

  • Pressure you to buy any service or part

  • Waste your time – our transmission service is quick and convenient

  • Deeply discount our service only to add-on fees or cross-sale additional services

  • Recommend any service that is not immediately needed